Travel Tips


I prefer camping in the national and provincial parks. And I book early. I scout out the campsite(s) before the online booking system is open. I like to choose one that is more isolated. Also I look for shade or partial shade for the pugs. Once I have a couple of sites selected, I mark them down along with the campsite name. When the online reservation is ready, I log on early in the morning. Some require an account but you can set that up in advance. It speeds up the reservation process. The pandemic has been challenging. Provinces have different dates that their online system is open for bookings. Federal national parks are booking on April 23rd.


Not all hotels will put their pet policy on the website. Sometimes it is buried on some back page. If you don’t immediately see it, either email or phone them and ask.

A couple of weeks before the reservation date, I’ll send a note to the hotel reminding them I’m bringing 2 small dogs with me. And I mention their names. Sometimes the bigger chains will have treat bags for them when we arrive.