Algonquin Park – Day 2

We had a great night’s sleep and got an early start. A walk down the road for the pugs to do their business. Had breakfast then were ready to head out in the canoe. Pugs were secure and anxious to get on the water.

I decided to go east towards the end of the lake. The water was calm, sun was bright. No one else was on the water. We kept to the shoreline.

We paddled almost to the end. It was getting hot. I pulled into a bank and beached the canoe near a shady spot. Got the pugs out, gave them water, then sat in the shade and watched the birds diving for fish. Started the paddle back but kept close to shore so I could pull in and get in some shade. We had a long nap when we got back. Dinner and a campfire was the perfect end to a day of paddling.