East Coastal Drive, Day 10 – Campobello Island

Today we are headed south to one of the 3 islands known as the “Fundy Sisters” – Deer Island, Campobello Island and Grand Manan. To get to Campobello, we take the first ferry to Deer Island. Then another ferry to Campobello. Taking into account the wait time for the ferry, it was going to be a longer time getting there.

The easier way is to go through Maine and cut across – like President Franklin D. Roosevelt did to get to his summer cottage on Campobello. But that is Stephen King territory and pet cemeteries are not on the agenda. Besides, the border is still closed.

For the morning walk in Fredericton, I took Greta and Raisin down to the St. John riverbank for a sunrise photo. As usual, we were the only ones out at 6 am. It was nice to sit and listen to the waves lap – waves from this well known river.

I took Eve out by herself, back to the waterfront trail. We went in the other direction this time. Got a photo of the river in the other direction (and a plug for Delta hotels).

However the trail ends at the hotel so we explored some of the gardens and found this medicine wheel planter.

The hotel was not serving breakfast – only lunch and dinner. But they had a little cafe that opened at 7 – I was the first customer. Got a coffee and breakfast sandwich, checked out and we were on our way.

The ferry from Deer Island to Campobello is free, but you cannot get out of the car. There was a lineup and I was the second to last to get a spot. While waiting to get on, the pugs got a pee break.

The ferry to Campobello was $22 but I could get out and enjoy the view. There were only a few cars going over and there was a big space behind me. I got someone to take a photo of Greta and I. I then took Raisin out and finally Eve. Raisin loved looking at the churning waves created by the boat.

We were heading to Herring Cove Provincial Park campground. It is divided into 2 parts. When I was booking the site, I chose the one that was closer to the beach – making it easier for Raisin to walk to it.

When we got to the boardwalk to head over to the beach, there was the “No Dogs Allowed” symbol. This was going to be an easy day because tomorrow we would be doing the trails. My plan today was to bring the umbrella tent and relax by the beach. Bummer. The closest we could get was by this stream.

There was a path going up to a lookout platform so we went up there. It gave a great view of the beach we couldn’t get to.

Looking in the other direction from the platform.

Just before the park is a food market where I stopped to pick up some supplies. In the beer section I found 4 packs of Picaroons beers. Decided on the Simeon Jones amber ale. Simeon was a one time brewmaster out of Kings Landing. He became mayor of Saint John.

One big plus for the campground (I’ll go over the negatives in the next post) is a restaurant across the road. There is also a golf course but I don’t play golf. I ordered the scallops dinner along with a garden salad. After so many hours in the car, I didn’t feel like cooking. This was perfect. Shared some fries and tomatoes with the pugs (Greta didn’t want the tomato). Then it was an early night for all.

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  1. That is so sad that they won’t allow the dogs on the beach. 🙁 Your meal looks delicious. So cute how Raisin and Greta are sleeping on the ground while Eve enjoys the comfort of the air mattress.

    Maybe once you get home you could do up a blog on the necessities to have with you when camping and traveling with the pugs. I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate learning from your experience. You must really know how to pack a car well as it seems you have a lot of gear with you.

    As always I’m really enjoying the photos and the information about your trip.

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