East Coastal Drive, Day 14 – Sydney, NS

Today was a big day – transitioning to the second leg of our journey. Crossing the border into Nova Scotia. The NS government had scheduled the opening for July 14. It was when those outside of Atlantic Canada could enter. I had to register my travel plans and vaccination record with the province.

I had been in New Brunswick for 12 days. If I had been for 14 days, I would not have had to register. I received my confirmation email to enter. Then we went for a morning walk in Saint John. I waited, trying to get the sunrise over the buildings. But the clouds were coming in so I settled for the pre-dawn light.

Today would be the longest drive of the trip, Saint John, NB to Sydney, NS. It would normally be 7 hours but we were going to be taking breaks. Plus I did not know how long the border check would take.

As I approached Amherst, they narrowed the lanes and had “Prepare to Stop” signs flashing. The line was moving quickly. I had my email confirmation number ready, along with my driver’s license and vaccination certificate print outs. There were only 4 cars ahead of me. Wow. Then I stopped and there was a young woman in the booth, wearing a mask, and I could tell she was smiling. She didn’t get out. Just gave me the thumbs up. No checking. I waved to her and then sped on. Easy peasy.

I was going to stop in Truro for lunch. There was a great sandwich place I went to when I came through with Dublin and Raisin. However, on the outskirts there was construction, traffic backed up and reduced to one lane. I realized it would take up way too much time so I pulled into a Burger King (I know, I know – not my choice, ever). Sat outside with the pugs but no photo moment here. However, there was a Pet Valu next door so was able to replenish my stock on treats.

I had booked into the Waterfront Holiday Inn. Sydney was meant to be a sleep over destination – wasn’t going to explore the city. But I did want to walk the waterfront. The pugs had been very good about sleeping the whole drive. I took them down to the yacht club before checking in.

Got them fed and they were content to let me go and eat. I had seen a big house when driving by – Governor’s Pub & Eatery. It looked busy and was only a short walk away. The food was excellent. The special was broiled trout. I had a choice of carb to go with it. When the waiter said double stuffed baked potato – I did a thumbs up. Ordered a salad to start. The trout also came with braised root vegetables.

Ordered a Big Red Ale from Big Spruce Brewery. I mentioned to the waiter that they sure grew the trout big in Nova Scotia.

Came back and went for one more walk along the waterfront boardwalk.

Greta has to settle for a Queen size bed tonight. They didn’t have a King when I booked the room. Tomorrow we do the Cabot Trail. Before we leave Sydney, we would visit the Big Fiddle in the morning.

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