East Coastal Drive – Day 3, Mount Carleton Provincial Park, NB

Another early start. Breakfast at the hotel was not starting until 7 but we were out the door by 6:30. A long drive today. Plus we have to cross the New Brunswick border and they are doing border checks. But I did want to see the citadel again and it was only 5 minutes away.

However, we were in the back of the citadel – the less defended side next to the Plains of Abraham. It was less fortified because the French didn’t expect an attack from this side. So the views were not impressive. Compare with this photo from 2016 with Dublin and Raisin.

I took a quick one of the St Lawrence in the background. We were in a no parking area but there was no one around – except a jogger.

We took the ferry from Quebec to Laval. It is only 10 minutes but gives a great view of the city.

The border check went quickly. There was only 1 car ahead of me but they had 2 border guards working the lane. She asked for my driver’s license and then compared the name with my vaccination receipts. I was good to go she said. Greta barked at her as a warning to keep her distance. We stopped in Edmunston for lunch. The Saturday market fair was happening.

We walked around and gave out lots of smiles as our contribution to the fair.

I had decided on a vegetarian place called the Blue Lotus Cafe. Ordered the falafel sandwich. Greta – the carnivore, decided she liked falafel.

Mount Carleton Provincial Park is set in the Appalachian Range. It is the highest point in New Brunswick. I wanted to get a picture of the mountain range but there was no rest area. I turned on to a logger road.

While in Edmunston I had picked up some marinade chicken and veg skewers for dinner. But first I had to setup camp. My cheering squad wanted to know when the chicken would be ready.

I was going to take them on a trail but it was late and I was tired. We went down to the beach to sit and watch the waves.

Finally settled in for the evening and watched the fire.

I didn’t realize just how cold it was going to get at night. My air mattress is on one side and the dog beds are on the other. I spread the sleeping bag across and covered them. However Eve, at one point, woke me up and wanted to get under the covers beside me. Then Greta started whining and I let her in. Finally I picked up Raisin, who was oblivious to all this, put her on the mattress and covered her. Eve and Greta both huddled next to me for body warmth the rest of the night.

Tomorrow we continue our drive through the Appalachian Range to Bathurst.