Go West, Day 5 – Aaron Provincial Park

Author: Larry St Aubin

Today we head to Aaron Lake Provincial Park near Dryden. After all that walking yesterday, it’s time for a nice, leisurely canoe paddle. Breakfast at our hotel.

It’s Day 5 and we are still in Ontario. There was a joke meme going around about how a person in Europe can dive to 3 different countries in one day but it takes 5 days to get through Ontario. Still, it is a beautiful part of the country and am taking my time – relishing every bit

The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority respectfully acknowledges that the lands on which we live and work are the traditional lands of the Anishinabek Nation and the traditional territory of Fort William First Nation, signatory to the Robinson-Superior Treaty of 1850.

Kakabeka Falls – just north of Thunder Bay. One of the highlights so far on the trip. At 40 metres high it is the second highest waterfall in Ontario. They have several walks and have incorporated a fabulous boardwalk. We went to the first lookout and the video gives you an idea of the power here.

We then walked over the bridge. Here is a view from the bridge.

On the other side I caught the sunrise through the trees. The clouds, sun and water were breathtaking.

I was carrying Greta in the sack. When we got to the furthest lookout, all the mist spray made the deck wet. Greta hates puddles so decided to stay in her sack.

Upsala Family Restaurant is about the only place around to get coffee. We stop in Upsala, ON for coffee, pee break. There is a plaque indicating the time zone change from Eastern to Central. Well known for its sport fishing for walleye, pike, and whitefish. Lac des Mille Lacs has some of the best fishing spots in Northern Ontario, as well as the country. Tourists visit from all over the world to experience the fishing in Upsala. It was named after the city of Uppsala in Sweden.

Chip Stop. Driving past Aaron Provincial Park to get lunch in Dryden. We will be visiting Dryden on our way back at the end of the month. However I found a chip truck with a shady patio.

Chicken and chips. Going to have to cut down on these greasy lunches. We were waiting for it to open. The cooks were inside but the owner came with supplies. For some reason Greta decided to follow him. She is really getting bold on this trip. The owner came back out with a wiener. She was in 7th heaven. Eve got the big pieces.

Thunder Lake is part of the park. They offer canoe rentals. The lake is a fishing paradise from what I gather. It is a perfect day for paddling. Overcast so no direct sun. Temp is 20 degrees. A little wind but no chop on the water.

We spent 2 hours paddling around. The pugs zoned out and there was no sound -except for Greta snoring.

This is where our camping spot is behind the trees. The world takes on a whole new perspective from a canoe.

One of the islands out in the water that we visited.

Eve spots a duck in the water and her pug hunting instincts kick in.

Thunder Lake and Thunder Creek have a long history in the region. The waterways were once part of a transportation network used by the early First Nation people and voyageurs for hunting, fishing and conducting trade.

Aaron campground A is located on Thunder Lake just off the Trans Canada Highway. I booked #33 – a nice, isolated spot that is near the beach and amenities.

It is the small obstacles one encounters on a trip that makes it challenging. I cannot plan for everything. And it happened here. I pulled out the tent to set it up an much to my dismay, there were no tent poles. I had left them, in the dark, back at Lake Superior Provincial Park. Couldn’t set up the tent and there was rain in the forecast. I did a search in Dryden – only 15 minute drive away. Lo and behold, they have a Walmart Super Centre.

The first tent I had was a 2 person and it was difficult to move around in. I got a 4 person tent, that I’m able to stand up in for $130. Bargain. It’s a Coleman. There is also space between the mattress and the tent opening (air mattress doesn’t have much stability when trying to get out). So obstacle turned into opportunity.

I’ll post a photo of it the next time I set it up.

Patricia Inn Family Restaurant Driving back to Dryden for dinner. The pugs sleep in the car while I do a dine in. This is the last day in Ontario. Tomorrow I drive to Manitoba. To prepare, I order tomato juice, perogies and a salad (okay, there is a little grease in the perogies but I ordered the half size).

We then all snuggled into our new tent and the rain came.

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  1. The Falls are very impressive. Sorry about the tent poles Larry. You certainly roll with the punches. Glad that you ended up with a more comfortable tent and at such a great deal.

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