Newfoundland – Day 8, Cape St Mary’s

Our last full day. Decided to drive to the southwest side and see the St. Mary’s Cape Ecological Preserve. It was supposed to be a sunny day but the rain held off.

After Cape St. Mary’s I drove up the coast to Plancentia for lunch.

Later in the day, the pugs and I walked Harbour Drive in St. John’s. As it was Sunday, there was no work activity on the docks. Ended the day as I started the week – at O’Reilly’s Pub listening to a traditional music circle.

It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Cape St. Mary’s. After an hour we got out for a stretch, pee break and a photo.

The Interpretative Centre at Cape St. Mary’s was closed. The last day of the season was Friday. I knew this but figured I would check out the seabirds.

I guess the seabirds left after tourist season was over. During the summer these rock cliffs are filled with different species of birds.

Checked another spot and everyone was gone. Someone who had been here during the summer told me it was like the birds had been Photoshopped out of the picture.

I saw a couple of seagulls flying on the other side but the rocks were empty.

Well, with no birds, it was time to put some pugs in the pics. In behind the lighthouse was a break in the fence so I got a photo of the western coast. Where Placentia Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.

I saw another car parked by the lighthouse. As we were walkikng back a woman waved to us from the window of the house. Guess she didn’t expect to see 2 pugs trying to find seabirds.

Headed up the coast to Plancentia for lunch. Stopped at a rest area for a break.

Made it to Placentia and drove around looking for a place to stop. Big parking lot for tourists. Guess it gets busy in the summer. It was next to the restaurant.

Walked around with the pugs and found this memorial. The British built an actual fort here in 1791 called Fort Frederick, after the Prince of Wales. It had 12 guns, barracks and a store house so was a bit of a deal. But it was not maintained, decayed and abandoned in 1811.

While the pugs slept I headed into the restaurant. I was the only one there but it was early.

In the backyard they have a wood oven. Placentia was the capital of the French colony Terre Neuve in the early 1600’s. It was called Plaisance until 1713 when the British took over.

Drove back to St. John’s. Pugs slept all the way so they were ready for a walk. We went along the Harbour. The sun still hadn’t come out. During the week this place is quite busy and you can’t walk it unless you have business there. Signal Hill way in the back.

We strolled along looking at the different boats. It was a leisurely way to end out last day together.

After, I went off to O’Reilly’s pub for dinner, a pint and the traditional music circle. Anyone can join in. It wasn’t quite as crowded as the previous Sunday. It was our last night. We would be getting an early start to return the car and place the pugs in cargo. All in all, an okay trip but would be nice to come back in the tourist season.