Peru, Day 11, Machu Picchu

The second last day of our trip. I took it easy because I had an upset stomach and didn’t get much sleep. The group went this morning to a second tour of Machu Picchu. I slept then went to see the city’s square. The train took us back to Ollantaytambo then we took our bus back to Cusco. We all met at the hotel courtyard for Pisco Sours by the open fire and listen to the musicians. We had to leave for dinner but not before dancing to La Bamaba.

I went for an early morning walk hoping to ease my stomach upset. The square has a number of statues dedicated to the Inca rulers. An American couple agreed to take my photo while I mugged for the camera.

This was Machu Picchu village. The centre courtyard is small but picturesque.

Outside our hotel SUMAQ. The road had people heading to the bus depot to go to Machu Picchu.

The view from my hotel room. The video below gives you an idea of the strength of the river.

Went back to the hotel for the buffet. Was feeling better after the walk about.

Headed to the train station. There is a big tourist market next to it. Walked all around trying to find unusual t-shirts. Found a café for cappuccino and people watching (and a few dogs went by).

We boarded the train back to Cusco. On the train I nodded off to sleep but was woken by this guy in a mask. He started a dance with our Tour Manager, Natalia. There was also a fashion show put on by Sol Alpaca.

In the evening before dinner, we all gathered around the fire pit for complimentary pisco sours. When we were altogether the musicians got things going with “Volare”. Then when La Bamba started, a few of us got up to dance.

I was getting sleepy because of the little sleep I had the night before (and the Pisco Sours). Can’t quite recall what I had for dinner but it looked good.