PUPs Go West – Day 15, Lake Louise

2nd night in Canmore, AB. First off, got all the laundry done, folded and packed. I was getting down to the last clean outfit.

We got up at 4 am to get ready to go to Lake Louise. It’s an hour’s drive from Canmore. Luckily there was a 24 hour, A & W drive thru so didn’t have to make breakfast.

We got to Lake Louise at 7 and already the main parking lot was almost filled but we got a spot.

There is a deck along the water’s edge where everyone waits for a space to pose.

I set them up in a spot while waiting for out turn. When the woman was finished we grabbed her spot and she offered to take the photos of us. I like the little splash of sunshine on Raisin’s face

While we were waiting, other people came up and started taking pictures of Eve and Raisin (because they’re so cute).

We then went over to the end of the deck because there were no people there. But there were some majestic mountains in the back.

I knew I was going on a hike so I had brought Raisin’s back pack. We looked at the different trails and decided to go to the Fairview Lookout. There were 2 young couples from Germany who were going on the longer trail. They watched in fascination as I stuffed Raisin in her backpack. I asked them to take a pic.

The trail is 2.3 kms. It is a loop but the second half is more difficult. I decided I would go up and then back the same way. Eve was amazing. She didn’t break a sweat. I had to take a couple of rest stops. I could hear Raisin snoring.

This was the morning view of Lake Louise and the hotel from the Fairview Lookout.

I asked someone to take a photo but should have checked it. Because of the surronding forest shade, not enough light to balance the lake light. We sat on the bench, pugs on either side and enjoyed the view.

Time to head back to Canmore. The traffic coming into the park and into the town of Lake Louise was now chaos. It was worth getting up early.

Time to say something about the Canmore bunnies. They are the equivalent to Toronto’s squirrels. On the morning walk, Eve went nuts trying to investigate them. They are everywhere on the side of the road. However, unlike the Prairie ‘dogs of Saskatchewan, there was no roadkill so they must stick to their little area.

Put the pugs back in the luxury suite for them to sleep. I went into the town centre. Where the Buffalo Roam is a restaurant that has a focus on local foods. The red bean veggie burger was just what I needed after that hike.

They have a bronze head of a buffalo mounted on the wall. When I asked, the owner explained it was the original casting for a sculpture the city commissioned.

Where the Buffalo Roam allowed dogs on the patio so went back and got Eve and Raisin. Ordered a specialty cocktail with mango juice and watched the people walk by.

At the entrance to Canmore is Spring Creek. There is a trail that goes alongside but the pugs were tired by this point. 15 minute walk back to the suite and they slept through the night.

Tomorrow we head to Elk Island Park and back to camping.