PUPs Go West – Day 3, Winnipeg

Waking up at dawn, in the middle of a forest, is a beautiful experience. This is especially true if you live next to a major street in mid-town Toronto where the buzz of the daily traffic flow is your companion. The peaceful serenity and stillness was exactly what I needed. I sat on the picnic table, sipping coffee and watching the sky. Raisin crept out of the tent and joined me.

We were heading to Winnipeg, MB. My plan was to get an early start, then explore downtown Winnipeg after checking into the hotel. The third beautiful, sunny day in a row. We are blessed. It was a long almost straight drive. I was the only one on the road for hours. However, we were delayed in the morning so had to miss a couple of planned stops. Got stuck in the mud. Driving music – because this was a long stretch, no curves, I decided to serenade the pugs by singing most of the way. Alternative 80s – my own playlist. “We can be heroes, just for one day”.

I realized the great advantage of starting early is I get to see some incredible sunrises. This is coming out of Sleeping Giant Provincial park about 6 am.

sunrise in Thunder Bay

Turned a bend in the road and saw this. Had to stop. Pugs were sleeping in the back so I leaned on the car and watched the sun come up.

sunrise on lake

We were going to Mount MacKay Scenic Lookout in Thunder Bay. It gives a view of the Sleeping Giant. Google Maps led me in the wrong direction. First rule of a road trip is make sure you have road side assistance. Second rule is don’t always trust the GPS. Check your route.

I was following Google maps and it took me up the back way. I became suspicious when the road ended. I ended up stuck in mud and had to call a tow truck. I had to wait a couple of hours but where I was stuck was worth it. The driver had gone to the main roadway to the lookout. For some reason Google GPS did not give me that option. The lookout is in the back. I’d have to scale a 100 ft cliff to get to it.

pugs and Mount Mackay valley
pugs and valley

Eve ran and ran through the tall grass. At one point I didn’t see Raisin and kept calling her. Then I saw a trail of moving grass coming to me.

pugs in tall grass

I had planned to backtrack to the Terry Fox Monument but with the lost time, had to change that. The clouds on this drive were incredible. I didn’t stop for lunch but did stop at this little park near Vermillion Bay for the pugs. There was supposed to be a food truck around here but I couldn’t find it. This my Group of Seven photo. Clouds, leaning pine, lake, pugs.

pugs on picnic bench with pine tree and lake

It was late when we got to Winnipeg. I had chosen the Holiday Inn South. It meant I didn’t have to drive out of the city the next morning. I nixed the plan to explore the downtown. I was tired and, as I went to put down the container of kibble, the lid came off and it flew all over the room and furniture. “Clean up in aisle 5”

hotel room

The Holiday Inn in the background. Had a huge park behind it so Eve could run and get her jollies.

pugs in grass

Mom and her daughter with a Jack Russell offered to take my picture after she learned I was on a road trip.

Larry holding pugs

After feeding the pugs I went out for a walk. I was frustrated with how the day had gone. The area was a little seedy. I found a wine store and then a pizza place. Headed back to the hotel and shared pizza with the pugs. Fell asleep with pugs beside me and a smile.