PUPs Go West – Day 1, Lake Superior

Today is the start of a great adventure. A road trip from Toronto to Tofino, BC. First, on a sad note, Dublin passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. I adopted Eve, a seven year old female. Eve has some fear issues with people that I’ve been working on. The trip provided her ample opportunity to become comfortable with strangers.

I got an early start. My plan for the trip was to give myself more time to drive out. Instead of doing long, 8 hour drives, I booked stopping points that gave us time to rest and explore. We headed out for Lake Superior at 5 am playing Tom Waits’ “Goin Out West”. I had got the pugs seat belt straps – Wonder Woman fabric for Eve and Superman for Raisin.

pugs in car

The Muskoka rocks have always amazed me since I was a kid going up to Huntsville. It’s like leaving Toronto behind and entering this pre-Cambrian world of dinosaurs (and pugs).

One of the goals of this trip was to find food trucks when available. I can take the pugs to a food truck but not into a restaurant. Hopefully, I would find more than chip wagons in the cities. We were going to go to a food truck in Sudbury but we made good time so the truck wasn’t open. The Sudbury market was. At this stall we picked up some fresh, locally grown asparagus for dinner. There was a bakery table and got a big sandwich on freshly baked bread for lunch.

The market is next the to old train station which has closed. If it were fixed up, it could be an historic attraction.

Mona has some lovely pieces. Raisin charmed her partner and he was willing to take our photo. Eve was eyeing the pork sausages.

Eve and Raisin went looking for samples at the pork supplier. I got sausages to go with the asparagus.

We pulled into a roadside rest stop to have lunch. There was shade and a little creek. The first of many roadside stops. Pee breaks across the country.

We stayed at Harmony’s Hideaway – booked through Airbnb. It was the best spot to stop for the night being on the south east corner of Lake Superior – just north of Sault Ste Marie. It was small and perfect for our needs.

A kitchen and large bedroom completes the cabin.

The log wall and beam is perfect for resting my “Northern Logger” beer from Sleeping Giant brewery.

Harmony’s Hideaway also has a canoe and we had perfect weather for a paddle on the shore of Lake Superior. We watched a beautiful sunset, sparkling the waters, and looking out at the endless lake.

Eve stopped to check out the duck pond. Everyone is now sleeping the night away.

Tomorrow – Thunder Bay.