Quebec – Day 4

Today was going to be a special day. Before the trip I had searched and found there was a Pug meetup in Montreal the time I was going to be there. I contacted the organizer and she was thrilled. She knew who I was through my work with Pugalug Pug Rescue. This time I brought the cart because we had a fair walk to do. I decided to walk through the McGill University campus as it was on the route.

The Montreal Pug Meetup was held in a big, grassy off leash park. There were shading trees along one side which is where people and pugs congregated. The pugs had lots of room to zoom around.

It was great to meet people with a common interest and share stories. I told them about the Toronto Pugalugs and the pug rescue. Dublin and Raisin were well looked after. Raisin hit up almost everyone for a pet.

After a couple of hours it was time to say goodbye. We had a wonderful time and good to know about the group for the next time we come.

I started the long walk back to the hotel. They were in the cart so able to rest. I let them out a couple of times for them to sniff, explore and pee. Such is life. We walked Sherbrooke St and then down Peel, weaving our way amongst the pedestrians. I grabbed some more samosas from the food truck, ate in the hotel room and then crashed for the night.