Shediac Lobster Festival, NB

We drove up from Hopewell Rocks to Shediac and checked into our hotel. It was right next to the Shediac Lobster Festival. Well, the Lobster Festival was a bust, pathetic really. They did not allow dogs on the premises. There was nothing on the website that stated that. I was in the lineup with Dublin and Raisin to get in. Waited for about 15 minutes when a security guard came up and told be I couldn’t bring the dogs in. Apparently there was an incident a couple of years ago. I took that pugs back to the hotel and they were happy campers.

pugs on hotel bed

I went back and told the organizers at the ticket booth they should put pets not allowed on the website. That I had come from Toronto and specifically scheduled the festival on my trip. The festival was long and narrow with a building to one side that housed a bar and the world’s longest lobster roll.

lobster roll

It was the first night of the festival so the had the bread lined up but no lobster yet. They measured the roll by pointing a laser at a paper plate – that is the kind of festival it was.

measuring lobster roll

The outdoor festival was enclosed in fencing. I walked to the end where amusement rides were setup. Decided to go back and take the pugs to see Shediac.

pugs and Shediac sign

Went in search of the giant lobster. There was a busload of tourists at the lobster. They were lined up to take photos of the statue. We waited our time until it was out turn. Of course, everyone started taking pictures of the pugs and lobster. I was still in a foul mood because of the festival but smiled as people enjoyed Dublin and Raisin sitting there calmly looking down.

pugs and giant lobster

I took them back to the hotel for dinner and nap. I found what looked like an interesting restaurant in a heritage house. But it was mainly deep fried fish and seafood. Decided I’m not coming back to Shediac, headed to the hotel and crashed for the night. Tomorrow was Cape Breton Highlands National Park.