Annapolis Valley, NS

Annapolis Valley, NS

I drove around the Cabot Trail but did not stop except for the proverbial pug pee pause. We were on our way to Canning, Nova Scotia to visit an old friend. Stayed on the main highways which took us south to Halifax region and then north to Wolfville. Walking around Wolfville we met a young boy who also has a pug. We were stopped a few times as people wanted to say hi or take a picture. Stopped and got a coffee from T.A.N Coffee then headed to the waterfront park.

pugs on picnic table

Kimberly, his wife Kathleen and their son Brendon. Raisin put on her party dress and charmed the family.

Kimberly took me on a tour of the area. We visited the Annapolis Valley and he explained some of the historical development of the area.

Then it was over to see the majestic red cliffs of Blomidon Provincial Park. Kimberly had a special, elevate spot to view the area.

We settled on a pebble beach on Scott’s Bay in the Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy. Kimberly explained how this basin is a migratory stop for the shore birds travelling from the Arctic to South America. They find food on the flats at low tide then go hang out in the trees at high. He did a film on it

We stayed overnight at Kimberly’s he made a fabulous fish dinner. We talked over old times. I met him at York University where we were both enrolled in theatre.