East Coastal Drive, Day 16 – Lunenburg

Before I start on the trip, I just wanted to show you the location of where I’m writing this.

Nice, eh? It is The Islands Provincial Park. Cool breeze, great view.

We left Cheticamp and were on the road by 6 am. Drove for most of the time. Just the occasional pee and water break. Made it all the way to Lunenburg by noon.

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Bluenose so, naturally, we went down to the dock to get a pic. Apparently it is on tour for its anniversary. Go figure. However, I did come here on my own so you can read about that trip on my Facebook page. So we stopped at the Old Fisherman Warehouse. It was pet-friendly and we were the only ones on this huge patio. Guess if there is no Bluenose, the crowds don’t come.

I toured the Fisheries Museum when I was here before. You can read some of it on the Facebook page. I’ll transcribe that trip to this travel blog when I get back. Meanwhile, the closest the pugs came to the museum was…

It was hot so we didn’t go explore too far. I did want to get a photo of the pugs and the jellybean houses. They were only a block away. Luckily there was a garbage bin that I was able to use as a model stand.

Had to get them back to the car and the A/C. Disappointed that the Bluenose II was not docked. Don’t think I will be back this way with the pugs. We headed out for our camping destination – The Islands Provincial Park. The view was the only thing I liked about it.

When I entered the park, the office was closed – only self-checkin. No maps, no one to direct, no purchase of firewood. There were no signs to my site 11. I saw 7-8 and then 9-10. Drove around a bit, found the 20s section and worked backward. The site was small but I wasn’t going to be staying much. Setup the tent, fed the pugs then headed to Shelburne.

It is right across the water. If you look at the first picture at the top, Shelburne is on the other shore. Went to The Sea Dog restaurant for dinner. It is the only restaurant with a water patio.

Had the seafood chowder and a local craft ale. Nice and quiet. Some young adults came in and were celebrating a win at a casino slot machine. Later, one of them saw me walking the dogs, said they were so cute and asked to pet them. I sent Raisin scurrying her way.

The town has a shipbuilding history but also currently a vibrant arts community. In the top right some musicians were playing, including a piano. As I was taking the picture, they started “Great Balls of Fire”

Showed the pugs where I had the chowder.

And a little walk to the end of the pier to relax in the cool, sea wind.

We headed back to camp. When I setup, I was the only one there. When I got back, 4 other spots around me had filled up. I went to bed early but the one group were up making noise until 1 am (another reason I hated the place). Setup the pugs’ air mattress, made it nice and firm. Got everyone into their space. Later, Eve and Greta had managed to squeeze into the crack again. I’m not going to blow up their mattress each time if they are not going to use it.

I planned to go to Yarmouth tomorrow by taking the Lighthouse Route that follows the ocean shore. There were a number of spots I wanted to visit, so planned to get an early start.

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  1. That chowder looked delicious! When you are camping where do the girls stay while you are having dinner?

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