East Coastal Drive, Day 20 – Wolfville & Blomidon Provincial Park

We got off to an early start and, just like Samuel de Champlain, we headed for Port Royal to start the Order of Pug Cheer. According to the info board there were 3 Port Royal references.

1- In 1604, Port Royal was the name Champlain gave to the present day Annapolis Basin

2 -In the 1630s Port Royal was the name of the community that is now Annapolis royal.

3 – Today, Port Royal is the name of the National Historic site.

The “Theatre of Neptune” was also established here indicating the importance of the cultural arts.

They have quite of few family oriented activities and events happening. It is a little out of the way but we were early – too early as it wasn’t opening for another 2 hours. We walked to a building to get a shot but didn’t want to risk wandering around inside – even if we were spreading Pug Cheer.

Now it was off to Wolfville, home to Acadia University. It was founded by the Baptists in 1838 (the Anglicans had Kings College and Church of Scotland had Dalhousie).

What we really liked was the large, open, empty green space. It was a cool morning and did lots of sniffing around trees. I didn’t really give them a walk before leaving Kejimukujik so this gave them the exercise they needed.

And stopped at Convocation Hall for a graduation pic.

I decided we would come back later and check out more of Wolfville. Got registered and setup the tent at Blomidon Provincial Park. It was up in the mountain so cool and windy. I knew it would be a cold night. Eve and Greta were already soaking up the sun’s energy.

We drove down to the beach. There are trails but why exert yourself, especially with senior pugs. There were just a few stairs to get to the beach and I carried Greta and Raisin down.

As if the long, red sandy walk to the beach is not striking enough, the sandstone cliffs as a backdrop are breathtaking. The are about 500 feet high and a 1/4 mile in length.

The crevices of rain, ice, melting snows shows the scars of the cliffs. There was a waterfall that I wanted to visit after a splash in the ocean.

Eve, Raisin and Greta were not too keen on “splashing in the ocean”. Greta looking to see if some wave is going to sweep her away.

The walk to the beach is deceptively long. You think it isn’t far until you get halfway and think How much further? There were big, fluffy clouds in the sky so it wasn’t too hot.

We stopped at the waterfall to cool down the pugs. I thought they might want to have a drink but it wasn’t happening. If it is not in a bowl, then they are not drinking.

We headed to Wolfville for dinner. Strolling around the main street we came across this sign:

I didn’t think Raisin’s greetings would be a hinderance so we went and sat ourselves. There were bowls of water at every table but our waitress brought our a fresh bowl. There was no one else on the patio but Raisin started making her rounds anyway.

The place was called the Kings Arms Commons and had local craft beer on tap. I got the Haddock bowl. There was a bed of spicy rice, green and red fried peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers in a tzatziki sauce. Then a lightly battered haddock piece.

Needless to say we all had a good night’s sleep. I tucked everyone under the sleeping bag. Sure enough, it was quite chilly. But we all stayed warm until I had to get up and start packing.


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