East Coastal Drive, Day 21 – Truro & Moncton

Yes, it was a cold morning in Blomidon Provincial Park. Hi hauled Greta out of bed so I could pack up the tent. She quickly scurried back in. After the morning walk and breakfast, I put the sleeping bag on the back seat of the car and put the 3 of them in their to keep warm and sleep.

Planned on stopping in Truro, NS before heading to the border. There is a nice park there, Victoria Park, that was perfect for a sniff and pee. However, I took the old 236 route. It was a longer time because of the highway speed but less crowded.

Victoria Park has some nice trails. We didn’t have time to explore one. But it was early enough that we caught a mom and baby deer having breakfast.

We went about 500 metres up one of the trails. Didn’t know how long it would take to get to Moncton so wanted the pugs to sleep the whole way (which they did).

And here they are doing there Three Dog Night impression.

Happily, there was no inspection at the NS/NB border. It was still setup for people coming into Nova Scotia. But the Atlantic bubble meant NS didn’t care about checking people coming from New Brunswick.

The overcast clouds we had in Blomidon, followed us into New Brunswick.

Moncton was disappointing. There were a few empty patios getting ready to open for the lunch crowd. I asked at one if it was pet friendly. He said no. Apparently there is a city by-law that no dogs are allowed on the patios – service dogs can. We walked along the street and came to this courtyard

Halfway up was a sign posted – No dogs. No loitering.

About the only reason I chose Moncton was to get the Tidal Bore with the pugs. Bore park was right outside our hotel door. It rained most of the day after we checked in. They have an Event seating setup for people to sit and watch.

It was not due until 8:12 pm. I went out in the rain and had dinner at the nearest restaurant – The Keg. Came back and took the pugs out for a short walk along the Riverfront trail.

Then we got our seats for the show. Most people were at the barrier which kind of spoiled the view. I did a video with me mostly saying “here is comes”. Should have had a script prepared.

Scratch one off the bucket list. At least the rain had stopped. Thank Dog for small blessings.

Tomorrow is going to be a very, very long drive as we head up to Forillion National Park in the Gaspe.