Fundy National Park, NB

When camping, my preference has always been either the national or provincial parks over the private campgrounds. I feel a sense of solitude in these campsites even if I’m surrounded by other campers. I chose Point Wolfe campsite in Fundy. It is on the southern edge. However I chose a spot away from the beach, up the hill and in the shady trees. The smell of pine was constant.

pugs by the camp fire

I had stopped in Alma, NB and got some fresh smoked salmon. You can tell I’m opening the package because of the “Are you going to share that?” stares (yes, I did share). There was no one in this area. We sat by the fire, listening to the wind in the trees. I was going to get a lobster in Alma but I was heading to the Shediac Lobster Festival after this. However there is a debate about where the best lobster is – Alma and the Bay of Fundy or Shediac in the north. Could have tried both.

pugs and Point Wolfe beach trail

We left the camp to go explore the trail to the beach. It was a steep walk down but we took our time. We didn’t meet anyone else. There were no interpretive signs but they did provide benches along the way.

pugs on bench

It was low tide. We had to be careful on where we were walking. I kept having this image of the tide suddenly rushing in and having to pick up two pugs and run. But tides don’t work like that. We had a good walk and found a little waterfall.

A pano shot of the basin. I thought about walking them to the waves but it was a fair distance and we still had to walk back uphill.

Pointe Wolfe beach
steps on beach

We slowly made our way back to the tent. We saw some great sights today but we crashed early. Tomorrow was going to be another special day.