Moncton, NB

We had a great time in PEI and I decided to come back and spend more time on this gorgeous island. It was time to head back to New Brunswick and what I expected to be a highlight – Fundy National Park. But first – coffee.

bag of coffee

Stopping in Moncton, we headed to the Riverfront Park for the pug pee festival. There must have been lots of spots to mark because the pugs were sniffing, squatting and lifting hind legs all over. The 15K trail follows the Fundy Tidal Bore

Larry and pugs in park

We found coffee just around the corner. Creative Works is an independent gallery for artists. It is also a small cafe. This place is highly recommended by Dublin because they have dog cookies. We bought a bag of Black Dog espresso bean – Raisin’s choice of course. 10 % of the sale is donated to the local SPCA shelter. And Buff, the owner, has a 15 year old rescue – karma guided us to this place.

Larry and pugs at cafe

On our way to Fundy National Park I took a little side excursion to see a covered bridge. It was mid-day and the heat was noticeable. Good though to get out, stretch our legs and pee on a 1905 bridge.

pugs and covered bridge