Go West, Day 25 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Author: Larry St Aubin

Yes, it is my birthday today. 70 years old and still traipsing around the country with my pugs. The planning of this trip actually started with June 26 and where I would be. I made several versions until I landed on Winnipeg on the 26th. I’ve wanted to walk around the ‘Peg for some time. In 2019 we didn’t really explore it – just stayed overnight before continuing. This time around I wanted to give it it’s fair due.

It’s a long drive from Moose Jaw to Winnipeg. I had thought about stopping overnight in Brandon, but decided I wanted to spend my birthday in Winnipeg. I plan to walk “The Loop” in Winnipeg which is an historical tour. But I need to get there in time to do that walk. Therefore I’m having a takeout breakfast from….Tim Horton’s. It is open 24 hours. I get to the drive thru at 6, which means I can get into Winnipeg mid-day.

Winnipeg recognizes the land of the Anishinabe (Ojibway), Ininew (Cree), Oji-Cree, Dene, and Dakota, and is the Birthplace of the Métis Nation

The Winnipeg Loop. We took longer to get to Winnipeg than planned but it was a good thing. We took more breaks which meant safer driving. I’m going to see if we can do some of the trail in the morning. The hotel has a buffet breakfast at 6 am. That should give us morning time for the walk

We made a number of stops – the first one was in Point Butte at an independent café with peach muffins.

We stop for a pee break and coffee in Virden, Manitoba. They have a railway museum along with a restored caboose.

Originally known as Gopher Creek, Virden’s first post office was established in 1883. The restored CPR caboose is a testament to the westward growth of the CPR and its relationship with the Western provinces.

This CPR station is an historic site that contains a museum and art gallery.

Finally rolled into Winnipeg around 4:30 rush hour traffic. It was easy to spot.

Looked at my hotel room on the 16th floor and got an obstructed view. I guess it is that floor jutting out. They call it the Terrace Room. However, compared to the Travelodge last night, it is heaven.

I had booked a reservation at Cibo Waterfront Cafe. From the reviews it gets quite busy. I didn’t know how long it would take me so I booked it for 6. I showed up at 5 and the place was empty. The cafe is along the Red River. They gave me an excellent table with a view of the river. There was a group of 20 coming in at 6:30 so I’m glad I came early.

It is an historic building called the Pump and Screen House at the time. It was used to pump water coolant to the downtown steam plant.

Ordered a Cibo Margarita – Black Barrel Hornitos Tequila, Grand Marnier, Demerara Syrup, Lime

Caesar salad and sampi pasta along with a chardonnay.

There is a little boardwalk along the restaurant. After dinner went out and did a little video.

Walking back to the hotel, I’m always on the lookout for art, architecture or cultural items. “Peggy” by Joe Fafard, 2004 for the Collection of Mayberry Fine Art.

Bank of Hamilton, 1914-16. Designed by Winnipeg architect J.D. Atcheson. One of 4 banks along “bankers row” on Main St. It was merged with the Bank of Commerce in 1923.

I found this poor, abandoned polar bear.

Got back to the hotel and both pugs were by the door. Guess they missed me. Got the leashes and went out for a walk. It had been a hot day in the city but the sun was now behind the buildings and we walked in the shade. On our walk we found a couple of interesting things.

The Marlborough Hotel. In 1925 a meeting was held that led to the founding of the Royal Canadian Legion.

This building is right next to our hotel. I was intrigued with the inlays of different activates. When I got back to the hotel I researched an in 1910 it was the YMCA. It was also in that year that the Winnipeg Rotary Club was formed in this building

We went down an alley to get back to the hotel and there was a public mural. That tall building in the back is our hotel. We didn’t have to walk far to find these.

That was the end of our day. I put together this blog while they slept. Doing a load of laundry (yes, on my birthday). Winnipeg is shut down on Monday, – no museums, no art galleries, no live music – dead, dead, dead. Laundry it is.