Go West, Day 28 – Pancake Bay

Author: Larry St Aubin

Today we have a short drive to Pancake Bay Provincial Park. We will stop at a couple of lookout points along the way.

Robin’s Donuts. Head back to downtown Marathon to Robin’s Donuts. Google says they are open at 4:30 am. I get there and the place is permanently closed. About an hour later I stop in at Heyden and they have a Robin’s Donuts that is open. Brekka and coffee.

Old Woman Bay is our first stop of observing the morning behaviour of Superior. The views of Lake Superior Provincial Park are observed here – cliffs overlooking the water, forests and waves. The cliffs form an “old woman’s face” – hence the name. There is a trail that hikes up for a panorama view – but that is not in our future.

Agawa Bay. This scenic lookout is famous for its pictographs. There is a trail leading down to the shore where they can be observed. There is an information sign that gives you an idea of what to expect. However….

Yep, no dogs. We head up the mountain to the Agawa Lookout. I missed it in 2019

Alona Bay. The interpretative panels describe both the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the first location of uranium discovered in Canada. I had forgotten but stopped here with Eve and Raisin in 2019. Only realized when I started reading the panel.

The Voyageur’s Lodge is located just outside the park. It’s an ideal place to stop because they have a deli for take out lunch. They have a general store to pick up supplies for dinner and breakfast.

I got two of the “World Famous Apple Fritters” – one for dinner and one for breakfast. That is it on the right. Chicken wrap was the daily special.

The Lodge is pet friendly so if you are looking for a place to stay with your dog, this place is it. The owners, Frank and Gail O’Connor were inspired by Peter C. Newman’s book on the voyageurs – “The Company of Adventurers”. Now I’m going to have to read it.

Was going to get some Smoked fish but got a Highway 17 hoodie instead. Highway 17 is Lake Superior’s road.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park. This park was established in 1968. The park has a designated Dog Beach.

“Pancake Bay is a sheltered, south-facing bay on the eastern shore of Lake Superior, north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. A 5.5-kilometre (3.4 mi) sand beach lines the bay of which 3.5 km are within the park boundary. The bay is sand filled and shallow, which helps to warm the lake. Ancient beach ridges are visible more inland. The ecology of the region is characteristic of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence transition forest, but is a northern shelter for more southerly flora and fauna” Wikipedia

We went to check out the showers. Everything was clean and well cared for – even the exercise equipment which I declined to use.

I had planned to take the pugs for a dip in Lake Superior, depending on the water conditions. Pancake Bay has a dog beach and I got a campsite next to the entrance. Of course it meant the any dog walking by to go to the beach was immediately challenged by Eve, followed by a pathetic but determined howl from Greta

I got the PFDs out. Greta’s was a little tight – maybe one two many sweet potato fry on the road. We are all cutting down when we get back home. The waves were small and Eve didn’t have a problem. However, this was probably Greta’s first encounter with them. She just rolled with the flow until I grabbed her and took her back to the tent.

I dried her off, cuddled with her in the sleeping bag. She soon relaxed and was snoring on my arm.

I was getting ready to relax for the evening. Now, at home, I use pee pads for Raisin. I unfold them and spread the square out on the floor in the same spot each time. Sometimes Greta uses it when she needs to go in a hurry. I spread the ground cover sheet for them and, guess what, Greta left a L-shape trail

She must of noted the disappointment in my voice because, later, as I was sitting listening to the waves, she got up on her own and meandered over the the leaves to mark her spot.

After I got them tucked in, I went down to the beach again to watch the waves. There was an ecological information sign explaining the special grasses in the park the hold everything together

Went back and had the apple fritter. It was good but heavily deep fried – which is probably why they are popular. I did find some apple in them but it is going to weight heavily in my sleep. Wash it down with spring water.