Halifax – Day 4

Today was a glorious food day. I was rolling home by the end of the night. For breakfast I searched for a place that was a 30 minute walk. I avoided downtown because there was a climate change protest blocking traffic.

I went east by the Halifax Common for a Walking Food Tour with Rachel – owner of https://localtastingtours.com/ 

Finally for dinner, went to Chef Craig Flinn’s Chives restaurant,

The Halifax Common was a parcel of land, 235 acres, granted to Halifax by King George III in 1763. Skate park in the middle was not what the king had in mind.

Only about 1/3 of that remains. Instead of keeping it a green space, the city put up hospitals, schools, sold land to private business and did an all around screw up.

For the morning walk I went to visit Dalhousie University. But first, I had breakfast at the venerable Admore Tea Room – a staple for cheap, filling breakfasts for university students since 1958.

The Admore Tea Room is just what you expect from a restaurant of that time period – classic, quality breakfast. Spinach and mushrooms bursting from the edge. Cash only. There were locals in discussing the climate change march with the waitress.

The Admore Tea Room had a Sunnyside Up painting. They take breakfast seriously.

Dal U was south of the Admore and enjoyed a walk through the historic campus.

Dalhousie was established on the foundation of King’s College,1789. It was the first area I encountered as I entered the campus.

The Administrative Building.

The library is newer but built to compliment the surrounding buildings. It received a design award for this in 1996.

The Chase building housing the Mathematics Dept. A shipping magnate, William Chase donated the money in 1930 to build this.

When the British invaded the US and collected taxes to build the library at Dalhousie.

A historic plaque (which I like to find and read) for Sir William Young. He helped to secure Point Pleasant Park which I went to yesterday. It’s always a little pleasure of the trip when things like this come together.

Back at the hotel in time for a shower. Then it was off for the Walking Food Tour. Rachel, the owner and my guide, conducted the tour even though there was just myself. The Admore breakfast had worn off and I was hungry for this tour after all that walking.

We started at Tempo with a fresh, local, deep fried shrimp, pork slider and Siracha dribble.

Rachel explained the history of The Carleton. The darker stones at the bottom are from the Louisburg Fortress. Built in 1760, it is the oldest house in Halifax.

I’m going to an event there on Wednesday so more on this later.

Went to World Tea House https://www.facebook.com/WorldTeaHouse/

Phil, the proprietor, presented his specialty of the house – a chai and hot chocolate beverage. His grandfather was a fisherman in Newfoundland. After all night fishing, he would get hot chocolate ready for the children before school and make his own tea. Being sleepy, he would sometimes mix the two. Phil adopted the idea using chai.

The Old Apothecary Bakery is one of those places where they sell out everything by mid-day The plan was to have their signature dish salty, caramel brownie. But they had sold out – not surprised. They offered a lemon tart. Just before this we had had an panini, so the lemon tart was the perfect balance to the panini.

We walked south to an area less touristy. Rachel explained that one of the best places to get Halifax Donair was in this little walk in place frequented by students. It was delicious.

I went back to the hotel for a nap. Lots of walking today. Headed over to an evening reservation at Chives restaurant. Went through the Parade area and got this photo of St. Paul’s Church. Plan to visit this tomorrow.

On Barrington St there was a mural whose lighting changed the colour.

Chef Craig Flinn is one of Canada’s top chefs. Rachel recommended it. His restaurant tries to focus on local sourcing. There was a big party getting their drinks. However my waitress got my order into the kitchen before theirs.

Seafood chowder with haddock, clams, mussels, pickled mustard and chips.

Red wine braised beef short rib, creamy aged cheddar polenta, marinated kale, roasted corn & herb salad.

Good thing I did all that walking today. A local craft ale complemented the meal.

It was a 15 minute walk back to the hotel but I took my time doing some window shopping. Needless to say I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.