Murray Beach Provincial Park, NB

After visiting the Citadel, we started the long drive to Murray Beach Provincial Park on the east side of New Brunswick. We did a series of short, pee breaks along the way but did not stop for lunch. We did stop in Shediac to get a prepared lobster for dinner. We were going to return to Shediac later so didn’t spend anytime there.


When we got to the park I just stretched out on the grass. We rested there even though Dublin and Raisin had slept most of the trip. We sat there and looked at the Northumberland Strait for awhile. Then had the lobster for dinner. The campsite was close to the beach. It was very windy and there was a coolness in the air. The campsite person who booked me in did offer a site that was farther back from the beach. But we had travelled all this way to see the sea.

pugs, lobster, wine, picnic table

We then went for a walk to explore the area. Unfortunately, dogs were not allowed on the beach – even though there was no one on the beach. I didn’t want to get kicked out so we found a nice, hilly spot where we could watch the waves.

pugs and Murray Beach

After the long drive and finally dinner it was nice to just sit and watch the sunset. This moment is what I had envisioned for the trip. The waves gently lapping, pugs gently snoring, a cup of wine and the beauty of a sky full of clouds at sunset.

Sunset on Murray Beach

Time for bed. It was the pugs first time in a tent. They seemed a little confused at first, trying to figure out where to sleep. I had setup their dog beds and blankets. It was going to be cold that night so I snuggled them in.

pugs in tent

We got an early start the next morning. Went for a walk and saw the sunrise on the Northumberland Strait. It was time to head to Confederation Bridge and PEI.

pugs and sunrise