Larry and pugs

Quebec City – The Citadel, Day 2

As I mentioned before, camping in Quebec’s provincial and national parks is limited when you have dogs. There are fewer spots, you can’t go near the beach and only a small percentage of trails are open to dogs on leash. Yet it is a large province to drive through to get to the east coast so there has to be a stopping point along the way. I booked a cheap motel outside the city. Here is the view from our room. The Chateau Frontenac hotel is in the middle there.

Quebec City

We had a good night’s sleep after the long drive. The hotel provided the usual breakfast – choice of cereals, bagels and toast, peanut butter or cream cheese, muffins, hard boiled eggs and coffee. I got an early start because I took the pugs to the Quebec City Citadel

Quebec Citadel

It was closed. And I could not take the pugs in there anyways. But it was a glorious day. Another person walking his dog kindly took a couple of photos.

We didn’t walk all the way around. Just sat on the hill looking down at the St. Lawrence. The pugs peed (on a national historic site). Then we were off. Another note to come back and stay in old Quebec to explore the city.

Quebec Citadel