North Cape Wind Farm, PEI

The thing about Prince Edward Island is, it is only a short drive to any destination. This was great for us because it provided time – time to view our surroundings while driving, time to take the secondary roads, time to have lots of pee breaks and time for coffee. We got an early start after watching the sunrise. Headed for Summerside for fresh roasted coffee at Samuel’s Coffee House. There were not open for a half hour but that didn’t matter. We had this lovely bench to watch the ocean from.

pugs on a bench

Now it was off to the northern tip of PEI. The tip of an island represents something special, an end point, a chance to turn around for a full circle view. I decided to stay on the main road, which cut through the interior. It also meant bypassing the Anne of Green Gables site (will do it next time). At one point, close to our destination, the road was closed and we had to follow a detour. There was no one else on the road.

pugs and wind farm centre

I started seeing windmills as we got close. Constructed between 2001 and 2003 it connects to the Maritime grid. If the wind is too strong the turbine will shut down to protect the windmill. Dublin and Raisin enjoyed the cool sea breeze.

view of the wind farm
Photo courtesy of Prince Edward Island website
windmill arm

In addition to the Wind Farm, the Black Marsh Nature Trail was also constructed. It is 5.5 km and traverses the coast, wetland bogs and underneath a giant windmill. We walked about a kilometer down the trail but then turned back. We hadn’t planned on this and still wanted to visit the beach.

Black Marsh trail

Before heading to the beach we stopped for a photo. A couple that were about to go on to the trail offered to take the lighthouse pic.

pugs, Larry, lighthouse

The beach was fun and little paws were cooled by the water. It was worth the visit to lay down in the PEI mud and get all red and dirty. Needless to say both were dipped in the ocean before heading into the car.

Gulf of St Lawrence
pugs on beach