Newfoundland – Day 6, Cape Spear

It was the sunny day (finally) I was waiting for. I wanted to catch the sunrise at Cape Spear – just as we caught the sunset at Pacific Rim. They have now set paws from coast to coast. After, we went to Quidi Vidi Lake to walk the trail.

There were two tired little pugs by the end. While they rested I did a bit of souvenir shopping. In the evening I went to the Shamrock City pub to catch some traditional music.

The pre-dawn at the base of the hill to get to the lighthouse. Eve the mountain goat, scrambled up with no problem. I carried Raisin so she wouldn’t miss out – leave no pug behind.

We headed up the hill. A couple of minutes before the sun breaks the horizon. There were about 8 other people there. We found an empty spot at the base of the lighthouse. The cliff edge goes straight down to the rocks.

The most eastern part of the most eastern part of Canada. Any more east and we would be off the cliff. Then the sun peeked out.

One of the viewing platforms on the waterside trail with the mighty Atlantic ocean.

Had to get that halo effect while the sun was in position.

Coming down from the lighthouse perch. There was a trail that went along the ocean side. Seeing the waves crash against the rocks.

We got to this point that leads back to the parking lot. You can see the trail continues. I hadn’t brought Raisin’s Sportsac so we headed back to the car.

Taking full advantage of a sunny day, I next drove to Quidi Vidi Lake. There is a trail that goes right around the lake. I opted to take the sunny side. One of the best things about coming in October was that the weather was cool for the pugs.

The St. John’s Off -leash dog park. Nobody was in it although we saw lots of dogs on the lake trail. Guess the trail is more fun than the dog park.

There were lots of places to stop so we had multiple rests where we watched the ducks and enjoyed the sun.

Looking back to our starting point. We got about 2/3 up the lake and then turned back.

A channel flowing from the lake to the ocean. Quidi Vidi village in the background.

Raisin ate then slept the rest of the day. We didn’t go out much the next day so gave Raisin lots of rest time. She really enjoyed meeting all the people on our travels today.

 I went to Water Street to a store called Downhome and wandered around both floors. The ceramic shot glass is from an artisan, Erin Callahan. She does mugs and shot glasses with Newfoundland sayings. I got this motivational shot glass “Git Shit Done” Goes great with my Newfoundland “Funky Puffin” blueberry wine.

Got a great Newfoundland Dog t-shirt. They had an amazing 2 floors of items. Late, at the pub, young girl came up to me and asked where I got the shirt.

Had dinner and caught an early evening performance at the Shamrock City pub.