Newfoundland – Day 5, St. John’s

I really enjoy hearing Newfoundlanders say the word pug. It is between an u and an o – kind of like pool but different and unique. It was another overcast day with rain in the forecast.

Pugs and I took a long walk into the churches area but didn’t go inside. With tired pugs sleeping the afternoon away, I went to The Rooms – it is part art gallery and part museum. An openness architecture with lots of light coming in. After all that walking I had an early night because something special was being planned for tomorrow.

We found KM 0. Guess they had to put it somewhere. In this case, outside St. John’s City Hall. We walked over to the other end which has Victoria, BC and relived some moments of our travels to the West coast.

The is the back of the Anglican church. It was a pretty steep climb to get here so we sat and rested.

To get to see the other churches meant going up and down the streets. Raisin was just not into that.

We rested for about 15 minutes or so at Angels Corner. It is a downtown site reminding the people of St. John’s of violence against women.

The Tobin Building,1894. A good example of a post-fire wooden structure. Distinctive for its wood shingle work and wrought iron cresting.

Stopped in to check out The Screech Room. This is on my itinerary for Friday but wanted to see it first. It is housed in the old Masonic Temple.

They have Screech In ceremonies to become an honourary Newfoundlander. There is also a theatre company in the building called Spirit of Newfoundland Productions. They put on shows about the history, culture and people of Newfoundland.

Around the corner is a monument dedicated to the UN Peacekeepers.

The pugs were ready for a nap (that was the plan). While they snoozed in the hotel room I drove over to The Rooms Art Gallery/Museum. The moose silhouette was cool.

They had a cos-play exhibit. I’m posting 3 of them to show the variety. These are functional costumes, created by artists that took a long time to make.

There are 4 floors to The Rooms. 3 of the floors have the exhibits. This is from the 4th floor.

From the museum part. The fossil of the world’s oldest muscle animal – found in Newfoundland.

Giant squid. This display explains the part the giant squid has played in Newfoundland’s history.

The second floor has these small display cases showing various unique items of Newfoundland.

There is an exhibit telling of the Irish heritage in Newfoundland or Talamh an Eisc as its Irish Gaelic name.

Newfoundland has been a part of aviation history. From Alcock & Brown’s trans Atlantic flight to the grounding of jets in Gander after 9/11.

The art gallery has a major exhibition of the work of Marlene Creates. She is a Newfound based artist and poet whose nearly 4 decades of work are reflected. Here on the left are charred wood pieces from a forest fire and on the left are driftwood pieces from the Atlantic.

The 4th Floor of The Rooms has two outside viewing platforms.