Niagara – Day 2 Port Colborne, Thorold

The start of the Welland Canal that allows ships to travel between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. The ships actually have to climb a mountain (the Escarpment) so there is a series of locks to lift the ships (I did not know this).

There is a lovely walkway that goes along the canal. Lots of dogs out walking this morning.

Steps to go down to the small boat canal – no swimming.

The small boat canal with the tourist shops in the background.

Ahoy mateys. Directly in the center in the back is Lake Erie.

Early Sunday morning but there is a cafe open. Time for a coffee and muffin. They were very friendly and enjoyed seeing the pugs.

Fresh baked blueberry muffin, a gentle lake breeze and park bench next to the canal – life is good.

We head up to Thorold. It’s motto is “Where ships climb the mountain”. It has Lock 7 which is the last lock before Lake Ontario. The lock is off to the right and the building is the museum they have.

From the other direction. The canal heading into the locks.

The pugs and I headed into the museum. In the museum is a rare red ensign. Only 5 of them are known to exist. This one has Manitoba’s insignia in the lower right.

 A photo of two ships passing each other in the canal.

There was a ship coming into the lock so we drove down the road to get a picture of it with the pugs.

The canal length from Port Weller in the north to Port Colborne in the south.