Niagara – Day 1 Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area

It’s amazing the things you can discover in your own backyard – in this case the cities, towns and back roads of the Niagara region. Just outside of Port Colborne is the Wainfleet Wetlands conservation area. It is an old quarry that has been converted to a sanctuary. There is a trail that goes right around the top of the stone, looking down into the water.

One trail goes down to the water’s edge. The other goes around the top of the cliffs.

I decided to head down to the beach first. You can follow the beach area about 1/4 the way around.

I decided to take the high road and walk the cliffs around the lake.

Raisin made it half way around with peaceful breaks in between. For the last half she was in her K9 Sportsac enjoying the view.

Eve was quite interested in the horse droppings that were left for sniffing.

Top of the quarry looking down to the water. Eve gives a perspective of the height.

A line of trees and bushes going across the water. We sat here for about 20 minutes. No other people around.

By the time we got back, there were a few more cares in the lot. Good to see this great place being used.