PUPs Go West, Day 24 – Manitoulin Island

From Sault St Marie to Manitoulin Island to Tobermory to home.

Raisin got over heated so instead of camping at Bruce Peninsula Park, I found a pet friendly guest house in Tobermory. She cooled down and slept soundly. We didn’t do anything in Tobermory because I wanted Raisin to rest. We drove straight home to Toronto in the morning.

It was an amazing journey and I’m glad many of you were able to enjoy our adventures. Now, we just have Newfoundland left to discover.

Early morning breakfast with a view of the river. In fact, the hotel restaurant is called View. The patio is called Fluid.

We were going to head to the ferry docks to catch the boat to Manitoulin Island. We had time for a long walk along the water. Raisin was able to go further because of the cool wind. You can see it is overcast today. I could see the rapids but hard to take a photo with the camera. Need to invest in a DSLR camera at some point.

Some facts about the bridge linking Canada and the US. There are actually 2 Sault Ste Maries – one in Ontario and, across the bridge, in Michigan.

Here is the bridge and you can see the two trusses on the right and left. The St Mary rapids are on the far right by the yellow buoys.

There is a little bridge that goes over the water and leads to the rapids. This shot is from the centre of the bridge. Our Delta hotel is on the left.

A couple walking their Scottish Terrier kindly took a photo looking back on the boardwalk.

Little Current on Manitoulin Island was having a Canada Day street party. Here at the Visitor Centre they said the downtown streets were closed but that there was a waterfront trail from here.

The trail looked great – shady with the water right beside. She told us it was about 1/2 Km to town but it turned out to be closer to 1 Km. And the shade didn’t last long as we reached a boardwalk into town.

The boardwalk provided a great view of the harbour. I was hoping for a cool wind off the water but no such luck.

A young girl who said she loves pugs got to pet Raisin and took our picture.

There was little shade in the street and the sun was getting hot. The pugs were starting to pant and the stores, with air conditioning, were closed.

There was a band, “Shades of Midnight”, rockin’ 60s tunes.

There were no food trucks but the legion did have a BBQ going. We got a hamburger and found a shady spot.

The sky was getting dark and a thunderstorm was being forecast. When we got to the car, Raisin was panting heavily. We went into the Visitor Centre because it was air conditoned. We had a set time to catch the ferry. I put Raisin in the front of the car to cool down.

The panting continued, even though I had the AC on full blast. We boarded the ferry and I stayed with her in the car. I had to shut off the engine but the windows were open.

The plan was to go camping at Bruce Penninsula Park but I decided to find a hotel with A/C. However it was the Canada Day weekend and the hotel was full. I called a pet friendly guest house and they had a room available. We stayed at “A Mermaids Secret Guesthouse” – the decorative theme was mermaids.

The floor was made of cool flagstones. Raisin flattened out on them and I stayed by her softly petting. Soon she was panting less and eventually fell asleep. The next morning she was back to her old self.

The next day we drove straight from Tobermory to Toronto – only stopping for a pee break in Owen Sound. I drove to our neighbourhood park so Eve and Raisin would know they were home.