PUPs Go West – Day 10, Juan de Fuca

From Chilliwack, BC to Abbotsford then Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, China Beach campground.

A lot of travel this day so not many pics. We were taking the ferry from Vancouver city to Vancouver Island. I had purchased the ticket in advance for an afternoon crossing.

We had time before our ferry departed so decided to drop in to Abbotsford. I parked downtown and did a search for parks. Found a lovely Discovery Trail around a pond.

At China Beach we just had time to setup and eat.
* Discovery Trail
* The Spirit of British Columbia ferry
* Tall Tree country
Driving music: Downloaded some of Callum’s guitar music on Spotify

I was driving down the highway toward Vancouver and made an impulse decision to visit Abbotsford. I found the Discovery Trail entrance and parked nearby. When we got to the trail we saw a guy with a black lab was sitting on the bench. Eve play bowed with the lab while Raisin charmed the guy. He told me the path went around the pond and was about 1 Km. Perfect.

There was lots of shade in the park. The trail was mainly boardwalk and pavement – well maintained. A few joggers passed us along with a couple of people walking their dogs. We smiled as we passed.

The Discovery Trail in total is 12 kms. We were walking in Fishtrap Creek Park – going around the creek. We crossed over the bridge but stopped to enjoy the view. The walk was closer to 3 kms but we had time. It is right in the middle of the city but you would not know that given the secluded area. There were plenty of shaded benches for us to rest.

If we had more time, I would have liked to walk the full loop – shown on the map.

Then we headed to the ferry terminal. The drive into Vancouver was okay – no roadblocks. Strange being in the city again after 4 days of camping. Drove on to the ferry and this is where sorry happens. Pets were not allowed on the deck so Eve and Raisin had to stay in the car. They had the long walk in the morning so they were tired. I went up to enjoy the view.

Galiano Island in the background. It’s amazing how luxurious they have made the ferry. Not at all like the Toronto Island ferry. But it is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Vancouver to the Island.

There is a “quiet” lounge where you can watch, eat, coffee and read. It is like a VIP lounge as there is a cost. Most people were on the deck but I just wanted to relax.

Got back to the car as we were preparing to dock. Pugs were still sleeping but I saved them some ham from the lounge. We headed out to Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. It was about an hour and a half drive. Our campsite was at China Beach. We went to bed early because we wanted to go to Botanical Beach in the morning.

As you can see, the pine trees were amazing to look at. You really know how tall the trees are when you put some pugs into the perspective.