PUPs Go West – Day 9, Chilliwack

From Granville Island, BC to Chilliwack, BC.
Granville Island was packed with people and cars yesterday. This morning was a quiet and shady walk so got to see the (closed) shops. The Hotel has the Dockside restaurant with a view of the boats and water.

* A lovely sunny drive to a pug meetup Chilliwack
* Comfort Inn Salmon walk
* Tractor Grease The live music today was in the beautiful, Chilliwack River Valley at the fabulous Tractor Grease Cafe.

Early morning walk with the pugs around Granville Island to see the shops.

A spirits distillery. For our morning walk I used the new knitted leashes. They felt quite comfortable in my hand.

Dockside Restaurant at the hotel. This is located at the other end of the island from the Bridges restaurant.

Morning breakfast of smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Now it was time to head over to Chilliwack. The Chilliwack Pugs meetup get together every Sunday. Started by my friend, Eleonora Geller. She came to the early pugalugs with her pug Cujo when she lived in Toronto. When she moved to Chilliwack, she continued the tradition and created a wonderful community.

I had booked a inexpensive motel in Chilliwack. I wasn’t going to explore the city so little sense in staying at an expensive hotel in town. After the pug meetup I had made plans to explore the country side.

Eleonora, told us about Cultus Lake. It was only a short drive from the meetup. We went to the end of the lake called Entrance Bay where the dog beach was located.

We walked along the edge by the trees to keep in the shade. But it was a hot day so time to take a plunge in the lake.

I had made a reservation at Tractor Grease Cafe. When I read about it, they featured music in an outdoor patio. A guitar player was scheduled to play. Sounded like a perfect BC setting.

On the way to Tractor Grease Cafe, I stopped at regional park (pugs were sound asleep back at the hotel). There was a 1 Km walking trail that shows the bringing back of salmon to the waterways. It straddled the Chilliwack River.

It was a nice, cool, well-maintained trail.

There were interpretive signs along the way describing the work that was done to restore the salmon.

Made it to Tractor Grease Cafe. The owner has dedicated the place to promoting live music. The show I saw was held on the patio. The sound was amazing. Ordered a veg burger along with a local craft beer for dinner. Good food, good music, mountains and fresh air – a perfect end to the day.

Calum Graham is a fingering guitarist. As you will see in the video, he is extraordinary in his guitar playing. Also notice the mountains in the background as a stage setting. Wonderful night of music.