PUPs Go West – Day 17, Prince Albert Park

From Elk Island National Park, AB to Prince Albert National Park, SK
Another long drive with intermittent weather. We made a few rest stops along the way but nothing picturesque. Used the morning to go on the Bison Loop road. Our campsite was next to a duck pond so lots of mosquitoes. Packed quickly By the time we got to Beaver Glen campground it was late so we just relaxed by the fire. Driving music: My own mix of 80s alternative on Spotify so I could sing and keep everyone entertained.

Before leaving Elk Island, we went along the Bison Loop drive. This one ignored me so must he used to photo ops. Largest native land mammal in North America. There are now more bison in Elk Island park than there was in all of North America in 1890.

Driving through the park I came across the Red Chair project. They are placed across Canada at various parks and historic sites. This one in Elk Island was in the Bison Loop.

I was stopped at a red light in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. I looked up and suddenly noticed the sign under the light – the Saskatchewan Alberta border. I remembered that the border splits the city. The cloudy, dark sky didn’t give enough light to see it clearly.

I had picked a campsite farther away from the gate. Looking around, there was not another person in our area. And only a short walk to hot showers. I had 2 of them. Glorious. We were in Waskesui Beaver Glen Camp Ground.

Unfortunately, there was a duck pond beside us. Mosquitoes were many.

The campground is situated on Waskesiu Lake. We went into the town of Waskesiu for a little walk. There is an Art in the Park project. This one brought out the pugs’ inner wolf howl.

It had been a long drive so we were all tired. Eve went to bed in the tent. Raisin stayed with me by the fire for belly rubs.

At one point when I stopped the belly rubs and was looking at the visitor’s guide, she rolled over, gave me “The Look” and tapped her paw on my foot to continue with the rubs.

I have found my purpose in life.