PUPs Go West – Day 18, Saskatoon

From Prince Albert National Park, SK to Saskatoon, SK
Had lots of time today for activities. We drove around the park and took pictures of the animals we encountered (from the car).
* We walked the Treebeard Trail
* Canoe paddle
* Kicked out of the Saskatoon Jazz Festival
* Country band Troy and the Broken Horse

Starting out early means catching breakfast time for the elk.

And a reminder that we are in bear country.

Getting back to the campsite, Eve and Raisin sniffing around to see if there were any intruders while we were gone.

We hopped back in the car and headed for the Treebeard hiking trail. There were lots of trails to chose from but, being a Lord of the Rings fan, I wanted to see the treebeards. On the way, we stopped at a scenic lookout. You can just see the lake through the trees (and the top of Raisin’s head).


We are in the northern boreal forest. It is the geographic area from the treeless tundra of the Arctic and the temperate zone of southern Canada. The Western Cree called this area Mi sis a Kaw – Big Forest. Old Forest.

The trail is a loop of about 2.5 kms. But we went in using the exit. Big wide trail that got more narrow. I had my bear spray ready on my belt.

We were in the area that was the oldest part of the forest.

There were interpretive signs along the way but I needed a trail guide book. I didn’t see any when we entered.


I could hear a creek below us. But it was filled with vegetation so couldn’t see it.

The trees are so tall. The Waskesiu hills act as a sponge and only release water so often.

This is the top of the summit where you can see the tree canopy (and occasional pug)

The canopy also provides a niche for birds from predators.

Decomposition and Recycling (the tree trunk, not Eve). This is where the trail narrows. Eve kept wanting to turn around and go back. Had to explain to her it was a loop.

We got back to camp and had lunch. Rented a canoe from Waskesiu Marina. It was well setup and professional. Heading out on to the lake. It is overcast but no wind. Easy paddle.

The Marina guide suggested following a river rather than staying on the lake. There was more to see along the riverbank.

Beaver dam.

The river is full of birds and bulrushes. There is a cell phone tower nearby so I had the best signal in any park so far. That’s when I did the Live broadcast from the canoe.

End of the line. Their are rapids ahead so they have the red buoys strung across. There is a concrete bridge above us which is what Raisin is looking at. Don’t know what caught Eve’s attention.

We packed up and left the campgrounds and headed for Saskatoon. We wanted to go to the Sasktell Jazz Festival’s free stage. Dogs were not allowed but we would sit behind the fence. The fence was all covered in tarp so couldn’t really see anything except through the small opening for people. However, security was being nasty and not allowing us to sit. Said it was a walk-way even though the road was 20 feet wide and we were on the far edge. Decided we do not like Saskatoon. Went and got a pic of the Saskatchewan River.

Went to a Cajun restaurant around the corner called Bon Temps. Had a southern signature drink called Sazerac – Bourbon, Sherry Cask Whiskey, sweet Vermounth, Benedictine, Augostura Bitter, and muddled sugar cube

There was a local band called Troy and the Broken Horse. They did original country songs. I listened to 2 sets, clapped when they were finished a song. As I was leaving, one of the band members leaned over and thanked me.